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It's time to Clean Up Your Business! 

That means ALL your Relationships in your Business ! 

Your Employees...

Your Clients...

Your Suppliers...

Your Contractors...

Your Partner at Home...

Your kids if you have any...

Relationships with Family. 

Relationships with people that have

fallen out of your life. 


your relationship with yourself! 

Relationships in business or outside of business

mirror what is really happening in you! 

All of our patterns and associated meanings we decided come from 0 - 7 years of age. All of them. 

We can shift and change them along the way, however until you really shift the core issues, you will repeat your patterns over and over again. 

If you're cleaning up your relationships with yourself and others in your business, you need to know what the core of the pattern is, what the decisions you made along the way were,

and how they have impacted your life. 

I'll give you an example. The woman who cared for me as a child was a Tyrant! You would get so angry at the drop of a hat!

I figured out very early on, that if I kept her happy, I would be safe!

So I would pick up plates, do the dishes, the washing etc. I would notice if anything was out of place. And I knew by doing this, I'd be okay!

It was a pretty sucky pattern!  

Can you imagine the patterns that came out of these decisions...? 

One of the patterns served me well in Hotel Management - I could spot anything out of place and immediately make moves to fix them. 

However pandering to someone else's whim through fear of retribution had me doing a lot of things for other people, ahead of myself, my business, my family and all my relationships! It wasn't good! 

It's been quite a ride, I can tell you! 

Cleaning up Relationships will change your world! 

For your own future, contact Deb and change your current trajectory! 

When we have challenges in Life, whereever it shows up, our patterns show up! 

We have Role Models throughout our life, and those Role Models influence our young psyche's as a child. Now these Role Models can be parents, grand parents, aunts and uncles - anyone who has a strong connection with us.
Then later on there are teachers, bosses... The list goes on. 

Now what happens is that we watch and take in how these Role Models 

We decide in our Sub Conscious minds how we "should" be in Relationships, in Love. Now, sometimes this can be good. More often than not, not so. 

Our work in this area is to look at our relationships, what our patterns are, and then to dig a little so we can understand and really see where we picked up those patterns. Seeing where a pattern came from and evolved is a key in changing the pattern. 

We look at the pattern, we break it down, and then we create new strategies to change this pattern. 

Do you remember those old vinyl records, and when they got stuck on a track, it would just repeat over and over again. 

Well patterns are the same - we need to identify the stages of the pattern, and then using the new choices, jump out of that old pattern. 

When we do that, life changes. Relationships change. Love changes. Your Business changes. You Change. 

Your view of your world Changes...

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